4 Sept.- 1983

Sudden demise of illustrious doctor Dr. sheela Sharma at the prime age of 30 years in absence of adequate medical facilities. Being shaken up with such a tragedy in personal life,Dr. S.K. Sharma with his sentiments thought of carrying forward the dreams of Dr. Sheela Sharma of alleviating the agony of suffering mankind.

  1. Formation and Registration Dr. sheela Sharma Memorial charitable Trust (DRSSMCT).
  2. Activities started.
    Setting –up 4 Rural Health Centers-one in each subdivision of district Mathura.

After identifying the need for EYE CARE Programme of Free Eye Camp for Cataract/Glaucoma surgery in the rural areas Camp was commenced.

  1. Help-age International through Help-Age, India came forward with funding from help the Aged Canada for sponsoring the Free Eye Camps.
  2. District Administration allotted one acre of land for construction of base Hospital. Under the name Dr. Sheela Sharma memorial Charitable Hospital, Mathura.
  1. Help-Age India Gifted Mobile Eye Care Van to DRSSMCT for use in the rural areas.
  2. Need for further elderly care in other fields was identified. As a result Adopt A Granny Programme was started with Help-Age International funding. During outreach services in the rural areas the need for Cancer, Tuberculosis and Ear Care for elderly was indentified.

National Cancer Control Programme was started with technical inputs from all India Institute of Medical Sciences New Delhi.

  1. the foundation stone for “Shankar Institute of cancer” was laid down by his Holiness Shankaracharya of Kanchikamkoti peetham on 2nd June 1989.
  2. Deaf School under the name SHISHU SEVA DHAM BADHIR VIDHYALAYA & EAR CARE was started.

 Mr. Peirre Barbeau, Executive Director, help the Age Canada’s attention was drawn towards the elderly tuberculosis patients who were the beneficiaries during the eye Camps and “Adopt-A-Granny” programme was started, Ground for T.B. Project was prepared.


CANADA COORDINATION FUND (CCF) with Canadian high Commission in india came to know about outreach activities of DRSSMCT in the rural areas approved the grant for “Training Component” to train 25 women grass root promoters in “Basic health Care”.


Family Planning Association of the india on the basic of the fact that DRSSMCT has 25 trained women in health  & hygiene approved the project for “Family Planning, Mother  and Child Care ” for 5 year under Govt. of India rolling fund.
South Asia Partnership (SAP) and Help the Aged Canada approved the grant for sponsoring the project for total coast of anti tuberculosis treatment for elderly patients for one year.

  1. SAP and HTA Canada gifted another van for use by the medical team and sifting of T.B. patents under the same T.B. project.
  2. One X-Ray machine siemens 100 MA was also gifted by SAP & HTA.
  3. Cost of Anti T.B. Drugs for 500 patents for one year was also covered under this project

As a result of Organizing survey and diagnostic camps for hearing Handicapped And deaf persons with technical input from A.Y.J. National Institute for hearing Handicapped, Mumbai.Ministry of welfare Govt. of India. PRE-SCHOOL PROGRAMME for deaf children was started first time in the whole of UP State in the year 1992.