This is DHARAM SINGH with his family,2 of the kids were in school. he is suffring from cancer of stomach.he was the only earning member of his family.So as he was having severe Abdominal pain ,Vomiting and was very weak.he can not keep on working,he needs money for his treatment,his chemotherapy medicines charges are borne by "Cynthia Roberts".




This is Mamta, 32 years of age and she is suffering from cancer of food pipe (Esophagus). She was Chewing Gutka for 6-7 years now when she realized about the hazards it was already late. She has 3 kids eldest 12 years old. Her Husband is also not working regularly (hired Laborer). So when she was advised radiation she had no option but to refuse as she could not arrange radiation charges but then Mr. Gauri Sharma came forwarded to help her and donate the amount needed for her radiation,

Mamta is greatful to him...



This is Chandar 35 years. Life has not been kind to her, as such a small age when her husband passed away she was thinking that she was the most unfortunate person. As this was not enough she was diagnosed with cancer of ovaries to make her condition more miserable, her in laws refused to treat her and asked her to leave. With no choice she came to her father, who again could not afford the treatment. But Mr. Mukesh Kumar come forward and purchased chemotherapy drugs for 2 cycles.

Chandar is greatful to him...



This is HAZRA ,HAZRA is a widow and lives with her 2 widow daughter and 2 sons one of the is handicapt .their monthly income is arround 6000 Rs. i.e 110 Dollar /Month she is suffering from cancer of mouth and need your help for her treatment whitch will cost arround 40,000 Rs. i.e 730 Dollar.



Please Help Her..........




If you are a mother or father or son or daughter.

Just think about these people who are not fortunate like you. Just think of a mother who knows that she is there for few days with her children (Without treatment) or may be few years (with proper treatments).Off course she will do anything to be there for as long as possible.
Think of their pain and agony and Thank God that he has made you capable enough.
We have a plan of treating all the patients below poverty line for free.
For this we need to raise 3,00,000 Rs. per month, That means 300 peoples contributing 1000 Rs./month or 600 peoples only 500 Rs. and 1000 peoples only 300 Rs./month or 10 Rs./ Day.


Please help those who need it...

If you want to help them.(Click Here)